What is the Best Age Spot Removal Cream?

As a person grows older, our skin slowly loses that radiance it once had. It also begins to develop issues like loss of elasticity, dryness and age spots. Also known as liver spots, these skin blemishes occur either because of aging or prolonged exposure to the sun. Age spots are identified as dark, tanned or reddish patches on the face, hands, arms and legs. It also normally occurs when people reach their middle ages (around 40 years old). This is because the skin no longer regenerates itself as effectively or as often as it used to. While age spots are more often than not, cosmetic conditions and people can live with them all their lives. However, it does leave the skin looking unpleasant and dull.

While growing up is something that is unavoidable, we can however, reduce the skin issues associated with aging using Ironpower’s NiaSerum and Acnessential skin products. These products are some of the best age spot removal creams available in the market today. They are also very easy to use, safe with no side effects and affordable as well!

The secret behind these products is niacinamide. Many studies have continuously stated the efficacy and ability of niacinamide to moisturize the skin, and get rid of signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots.

One of the more recent studies by Navarrete-Solis J, Castanedo-Cazares JP, Torres-Alvarez B et al. (July 2011) have shown the effectiveness of niacinamide as a topical cream for skin whitening. A double-blind, randomized clinical trial of 4% niacinamide versus 4% hydroquinone in the treatment of a hyperpigmentation condition called melasma yielded results that the use of niacinamide is better as there are no negative side effects. Age spots are also a type of skin condition like melasma where in the skin produces irregular amounts of melanin.

Through the use of Acnessential as an age spot removal cream, you will begin to see those blemishes disappear and you’ll get and a whiter, even tone to your skin in 3-4 weeks.

Ironpower’s NiaSerum has triple the strength of acnessential cream which means you can expect faster skin whitening results. Since it is in serum form, it has smaller molecules which make it easier to be absorbed by the skin and penetrating including the deep layers. You can use these two products in tandem safely.

Apart from skin whitening, what makes Acnessential one of the best age spot removal creams out there today is the fact that is rejuvenates the skin. Dryness is one of the skin issues of aging. Niacinamide can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness because it can moisturize the skin, and promote regular skin cell regeneration and repair. As the skin receives the nutrients it needs, you will also notice your skin becoming firm and soft again, as if you were 10 years younger!

If you feel young, you should also look young. Try a reliable skin care product that can be used daily by simply applying it to your skin! Do away with the many signs of aging using Acnessential and NiaSerum.